This Is Me

Hellerrr(in the wise welcomes of Madea),

Mi nombre es Esther S. Lewis and that is about all I know in Spanish. lol

I am a worshiper through dance and singing, a daughter of the king, and a servant.  I have my imperfections, my flaws, my wants, and my needs, but that’s what God loves about me.  He has my heart and then my wants and my needs dissipate, he kinda has his way of doing those things.

I’m always on this everlasting journey to be content in the person that God has called me to be and so far it has been one amazing journey! I love the Lord with all my heart and if it wasn’t for him, God knows where I would be or who I would have become.

I hope to be a world changer and well … change the world.  Let people see Jesus in me.  Some may call me a Jesus Freak, a radical, a revolutionist or just plain crazy.  I’d like to think I enjoy being all four. lol

BTW, the origin of QueenBeeEsther for those who were wondering is because my name is Esther and she was a Queen in the Bible so I just played that name off of her.

I love to write, kind of found that out a little later in life but I will talk about anything and everything.  Sometimes I push the boundaries but I figure that’s the fun part of life besides living for Christ.  Hope you see that same passion.

Well, that’s really about it for now.  Don’t hesitate to challenge me on my blogs, it helps me learn and grow.  Thanks for looking and God Bless!

Yours Truly,



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