My Testimony

I always had a silent passion for the topic of abortion, only to realize that I had been an interesting type of abortion case myself.  I always felt that it didn’t matter what the mother was going through, it was of no right for anyone to kill that baby before it experienced life.  It’s a touchy subject for most but to we are all allowed to have our opinions and mine was and always is pro-life.

So to my surprise one day, I had a discussion with my mom and it immediately became my testimony that I will now have the pleasure of sharing with you.

Now for those who do not know, a testimony is giving thanks for something that God had done for you during a tough period or trial in one’s life and my testimony began right at the point of birth.

When my mom was pregnant with me, it had never occured to her that her pregnancy would be so rough and difficult.  Pregnancy in itself is not easy, but for my mom it was rough.  She began to take extra vitamins and natural supplements to help her along the pregnancy.  At one point she began to start bleeding and spotting, and due to this the doctors began to advise my mom that she should let the baby abort itself.  That she should have let me abort myself.  But thanks to a praying family, a praying mom and a praying dad, they decided that would not be an option.

Because of this decision the doctors told my mom that even if I didn’t abort myself I would come out either deformed or “not normal.”

When the day came for my mom to give birth, I was born not breathing.  They actually had to take me away and resesitate me.

Now I say that to say this, despite the reports of the doctors, who know no better than God, I was born with no deformations and normal.  The fact that man wanted to take away my life before I ever had a chance to experience it and God stepped in and said no, strengthened my foundation in the Lord.  If it wasn’t for  praying family and an ever faithful, loving God who saw purpose and destiny within me to let me love, I would not be alive.

And that is why I in turn dedicated my life to God because he literally gave me my life when it was being taken away.

God is love and my testimony is just one of many examples of that, so don’t let anyone tell you that you are nothing and you won’t accomplish anything because that is just a plain lie.

God doesn’t make mistakes, he makes miracles.

Thanks for reading my testimony and God Bless!

Your’s Truly,



3 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. Denise

    yes my little lady…your mom almost died to…cause they could not see the afterbirth but God put an experienced doctor in place to help her and that’s how she and you are alive today. All glory to the living God who was and is and is to come.

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