Say Hello to the Porsche Prototype

Say Hello to Porsche 913: A Ferrari Combatant

Porsche gains tremendously from every sports car they design with an outline and a purpose.  Surely the Porsche 913 is not a design based on pure practicality.  Rene Garcia, the star graphic artist who created numerous Porsche 913 concepts, was acquired for his exquisite graphics in spectacular block buster movies like Transformers, Star Trek, The Avengers, and Matrix Trilogy just to name a few.  This artist definitely has an insightful mind on how to create tremendous detailing and aerodynamics in a car. His car concepts never miss a thing.  Looking into Garcia’s original concept illustrations, I found his wild imagination showed pure genius, even with the dejected molding restricting the sight of engines in contemporary cars.  Some of the elements in the car even hint towards an Italian inspired vehicle.

The Interior
Inspiration is taken from the console layout of the Carrera GT and 99. Modified leather stitched dash, piped climate control system, mirror adjustments and memory switches for the driver seat. Additional air control is featured through the enclosed gap between the driver and passenger bumps. It is an elegantly customized and influential tachometer design.

The Engine Bay
The motor looks like a traditional Porsche motor, pulling from the rear of the car with the six-cylinder motor visible. Possibly fastened more underneath.

Motorsport Adaptation
The heritage of Porsche motorsport is innovated with the Gulf livery. It is an aerodynamic concept that provides the motorsport common to prototype 913 with a coefficient of 0.27 vs. 0.40 of Porsche’s aerodynamic study from 1984. Exceptional front ground effects and aggressive rear spoiler accelerated to the velocity. A clear observance of brake light added to the rear has provided a neat finish.

The Price Tag
Besides the two top models i.e. Sedans and SUVs, the next generation line up for Porsche 918 Spyder outlays over $80 thousand, which is pretty reasonable, whereas the 911 Turbo S is priced at $250 thousand.  The distinguished contenders Ferrari and McLaren are also ranging their car pricing between the Porsche 911 and 918 cost.  “The Affordable Supercars” acclaimed by Porsche for years, competed with their equivalents such as Ferrari and Lamborghini and were able to mark a victory for being reasonably priced.  The pricing range between $250 thousand to $750 thousand will be much more apt for both Porsche and its buyers.  The price of the Porsche will fall most likely on the higher range of the price range of $250 thousand to $750 thousand or maybe even above it.

Owning this beauty would be a totally exceptional experience. With these features coming to life, Porsche is definitely going to give some good competition to Ferrari, Lamborghini and other elite vehicles. Porsche already dominates the markets of luxury sports car. With this acquisition, the German vehicle will certainly take over the international vehicle markets and most likely dominate it for the next couple of years.  If Porsche continues to create exceptional vehicles like the Porsche 911, 913, and 918, they will be at the top for a very long time when it comes to luxurious cars.  Seeing as though they have been around since 1931, it is safe to say they will be around for many more years to come.

Want to know more about the Porsche 913 and others? Check out Porsche of Towson.


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