Priority 1 Automotive Group’s BMW 335i xDrive

The Best-Seller Affordable Luxury: The BMW 335i xDrive

The most renowned German automobile manufacturing company, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, universally known as BMW, has been delivering the finest elite luxury cars since 1916. It is allied with Audi and Mercedes Benz to form the Big 3 German luxury automakers.  The BMW 3 series launched in 2013 and is a brilliant opportunity given by BMW to purchase an affordable luxury car at a reasonable price as well.  The story behind its affordability is quite interesting and people who are looking to get a lavish car without spending a huge amount will be particularly happy about this series.
While in competition with Cadillac ATS and the Mercedes Benz C-class, the BMW 3 series developed a more enhanced and bold look. Also, not forgetting about the redesigned Lexus IS 2014 and the group’s decision to introduce a redesigned coupe and adaptable models to the form Series 4, BMW is making strides to becoming a force to be reckoned with.  The BMW 3 Series is buffed as a driver’s pet, provided with a huge selection of preferences such as exquisite interior furnishings and trim line options.  You also have the option of customizing your vehicle according to available trim desire.
• The Silky-Smooth Turbo Four Engine
Fortunately, the 335i xDrive is also loaded with a twin-turbo, 3.0 Liter inline-six that generates 300hp and a 300 lb-ft torque.  In spite of its high performance, it has outstanding fuel economy with a smooth, low-RPM soundtrack.
• Marvelous Grip
The BMW 335i xDrive is beautifully handled because of its solid chassis and crisp steering succession. The firm grip provides support in winters with quick response to wheel slips by sending the right amount of engine power.  The ride is surely fast and comfortable and even if you were to opt for the Sport Package, it cruises on the highway with a frequent flow as well as a barrel through racetracks apex.
• Contemporary Finish with Three Trim Lines
The 335i acquires a nicely furnished cockpit, well placed out switched gear and a sophisticated selection of accenting. The interior space has been modified with more advanced options as compared to previous series. Rear seat liberty spacing is particularly looked at as one of the nicer innovations of the car within the interior. All BMW 3 Series comes with three distinctive trim lines which are Modern, Luxury and Sport.
• Interior
The perceptible anthracite roof-liner and glossy dash finishes can be customized with Oyster, Beige or other available colors. Plush Leather seats add a lavish and comfortable feature to the car’s interior.
• Pricing
Base price of the BMW 335i xDrive is $53,800 ranging to more than $60,000 with automatic, Sport Package, blind spot and lane departure caution.
Whether you prefer the fuel efficient 328i or the powerful 335i, the BMW 3 Series’ is as good as it gets. The base $36,000 320i is a bit short on firepower compared to its rivals, however, above all its slight sluggishness, it possesses contemporary looks, a dynamic drive and a neat cockpit.

For more on the BMW series and others, check out Priority 1 Automotive Group.


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