SudBay’s 2015 Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200 Overview

The Chrysler 200 is a fantastic looking car both inside and out. This car has erased the rental-car image of the previous edition with the best in class safety and strong acceleration.   All the self improvement work done on this car brings it into the brilliance category of a Honda Accord or a Ford Fusion, or even close to the top economy serenity of a Nissan Altima. With its rounded, smooth, front-end appearance and very refined grille that sets less upright, it is a new look for Chrysler. The Chrysler 200 sedan displays with an unexpectedly fresh face.
Safety Features
In addition to the usual stability control and airbags, the Chrysler 200 now has driver knee airbags, various new options for blind spot monitors and an automatic park assist. The best safety option package involves a lane departure warning system having autonomous braking, forward collision warnings as well as adaptive cruise control.
Quality Features
The back seat of the Chrysler 200 has a tight exit, entry and slim headroom. However, this latest edition of Chrysler 200 gains some exterior bulk and interior space. It is much bigger as compared to the previous 200. Also, it is a little bit larger as compared to the Dodge Dart.  However, it is substantially smaller in a few dimensions as compared to some of the top selling family sedans, specifically in the back seat.
Styling Features
A fantastic cockpit and sophisticated sheet metal give the Chrysler 200 its own sense of style. This car is very beautifully styled inside and out. It has a relaxed look, having a sheet metal flowing effortlessly over the cockpit of the 200. The long roof-line of the 200 obscures the reality on the ground; the wheels of 200 sit well inboard. It is a larger car that is built on a compact-car wheelbase, therefore, there is a lot of overhang in the back and in the front.  No matter what version of the Chrysler 200 that you choose; all sedans have running lights, LED tail lamps and LED fog lamps available.

The Chrysler 200’s distinctive cabin is the real showpiece of the car. It is quite convincing in its quality, especially with the split between the console and the dash highlighted by some unusual trims in more costly models. Chrysler is building and drawing some beautiful interiors, and the Chrysler 200 takes its place on their top-hit list. The center display and gauges float together in a sleek cut-out curved from the soft-touch dash, trimmed in beautiful grains and colors, including an open-pore wood on the Chrysler 200 C that is beautiful and simple.
Unremarkable, predictable handling puts the Chrysler 200 in the likes of popular models like Fusion and Altima. Built on an extended Dart platform, this car shares its electric power steering and strut front/four-link rear end.  This amazing car has progressive and pleasant responses that will become even more polished as time goes by.

Check out the 2015 Chrysler 200 here for more information about this car and others.


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