Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying and Having a Hybrid Car

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying and Having a Hybrid Car


Nissan’s Pathfinder Hybrid Engine Nissan’s Pathfinder Hybrid Exterior


Hybrid cars are a result of our advances in technology but behind our advancement in technology there is also a need. The fossil fuels on earth are declining at an alarming rate and if we consume them at this rate, we will soon run out of them. The cost of petroleum products are increasing day by day. Sooner or later we have to shift to alternative forms of energy. The cars of our future will be hybrid cars. At the moment hybrid cars are looked upon as a fuel saver. Increased mileage is a factor that attracts people’s attention to these types of cars but the expensive batteries used in these cars drives up the prices of purchasing one. This is a major turn off. Here is a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a hybrid car.




Clean energy – Having a gas powered engine and a motor that runs off electricity in the same car gives you better gas mileage and lower emissions. Both the gas and energy is used simultaneously by the engine .This helps to conserve energy and provide the required power for your journey.

Using Technology to improve performance – Scientists are researching on how to improve the efficiency of the electric motors used in hybrid cars. With time, hybrid cars will give better mileage with little or no emissions. Several companies are also working on prototypes of hybrid cars that are powerful as well as affordable by the general public. Hybrids also generate energy by using smarter mechanisms. Whenever you brake the electric battery gets charged. This helps to improve the battery backup without the need for a recharge.


Government incentives – The government wants people to buy hybrid cars and reduce their consumption of fossil fuels. Governments around the world are worried about global warming and they want companies and their citizens to shift to clean and renewable energy sources. Buying a hybrid car also entitles you to several tax benefits (Tax benefits vary from state to state).


Lighter weight and a smaller efficient engine – Hybrids use smaller engines because there is less cylinder displacement. The engine does not have to work as hard as petrol or diesel engines. Hybrid car manufacturers are also using lighter materials while building cars to reduce the overall weight of the cars, so that the stress on engine decreases.

Higher resale value – The resale value of cars is determined by the distance the car has traveled since its purchase. Due to the efficient engine used in hybrid cars people put their money on trust and technology than distance covered by the hybrid cars. The engines of hybrid vehicles last longer. Hybrid vehicles save a lot of money on your annual fuel bills while directly protecting the environment. Hybrid vehicles are safer investments because they will fetch you higher resale value than gasoline powered vehicles.




To see the disadvantages…click here.


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