Twenty Essential Items to Have in Your Car (Part II)

Having a car is like having a second home.  Just as there are essential items that you need to furnish your home, there are essential items that you can also furnish your car with.  These items can come in quite handy in an emergency and when you least expect it.  20 Essential Items to Have In Your Car:

1. Old Cell Phone with a Fully Charged Battery

Keep an old cell phone with a fully charged battery off and in the glove box in case of emergencies.  That call to 911 from an old cell phone could be the call that saves your life.

2. Extra Batteries

Most of the items that are essential to have in your car at all times are battery operated as well.  Make sure that you have extra batteries located somewhere in the car just in case.

3. Fire Extinguisher

A Fire extinguisher is extremely important to have in the car but make sure that it is a small portable one (5lbs.).  It can potentially save your life and others.

4. Owner’s Manual

Most of us don’t look or even glance at the owner’s manual but it is important to keep it in the glove box.  You never know when you might need to learn more about what your car is really capable of doing in an emergency.

5. Blankets  

Regardless of the type of weather in your area, keeping a blanket in the car can keep you and your family warm just in case you may have to spend a couple of hours cooped up in the car.

6. Battery Powered Radio

Weather is always unpredictable. Keeping a battery powered radio on hand can keep you updated on what is going on around you and give you information on what you should do in harsh weather conditions.

7. Fix-a-flat

Fix-a-flat goes hand in hand with a tire sealant.  These two items will help aid against tire punctures and repairing flat tires.

To view the full list, click here.

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