Twenty Essential Items to Have in Your Car (Part I)

Having a car is like having a second home. Just as there are essential items that you need to furnish your home, there are essential items that you can also furnish your car with. These items can come in quite handy in an emergency and when you least expect it. 20 Essential Items to Have In Your Car:

1. Food (MRE) and Water Meal
Ready to Eat (MRE) food like nuts, beef jerky, protein bars, and crackers come in very handy when you have no instant access to food. Keeping bottled water in a glass jug rather than a plastic bottle will prevent toxins from seeping through. Remember to switch out the water every week so it is always as fresh as possible when needed for use.

2. Phone Charger 
Most people can’t go anywhere without their phone. Keeping an extra phone charger in the car is great for emergencies when you need a charge but are not close to home or any wall outlet.

3. Extra Cash/Change 
It is always good to keep some dollars on hand just in case you are unable to use your card or you forget your wallet at home. You may even meet up tolls unexpectedly and having change on hand will resolve that matter.

4. First Aid Kit 
A first aid kit in every car is a must. Packed with bandages, cloth tape, cold compress, gloves, gauze pads, tweezers, aspirin and other items, can aid in an unexpected emergency or any child boo-boo.

5. Booster Cable/Battery 
Booster Cable Having both booster cables and a portable ready to go battery booster pack can not only help you when your battery dies but it can become a tremendous help to someone else who’s car has broken down.

6. Tire Sealant 
To seal small tire punctures and prevent flat tires, tire sealant is a great little adhesive to keep tucked away in the car.

7. Auto Fluids 
Auto fluids like Oil, Coolant, and Wiper Fluid are always good to have stocked away in the car in case of emergencies. Keep a small funnel with these fluids as well for easy pouring…

To view the full list, click here.



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