Ken Garff Automotive Group

American Fort, Utah resident looking for a great car dealership?  Maybe you just moved into the neighborhood and you’re looking for a reputable car dealership or you have lived in Utah for a while and are finally deciding to buy a car?  Young or old, man or woman, I have the perfect dealership for you to check out!


Ever heard of Ken Garff Ford dealership?  Well, now you have!  Ken Garff Ford dealership is your one stop shop for purchasing a vehicle whether it be your first or your third.  Ken Garff Ford accommodates all!

dcf2b9eb4046387200c3362ff489a762Founded in 1932 by Ken Garff, he decided to open a dealership based upon two main principles; these two main principles being honesty and integrity.  With these two principles solidifying the foundation of Ken Garff’s business, he would demonstrate that auto dealerships can offer great customer service and be a great citizen business that serves the community.

Earning “Best of State” for three years in a row, Ken Garff Automotive Group has been going strong for over 75 years with branches of collision repair stores, used car stores, and over 30 new car franchises to take credit for.

With community being the focal point of Ken Garff’s business, giving back to the community through education and more importantly time, has been an ongoing commitment from the staff.

Ken Garff Ford’s inventory contains over 300 pre-owned and new vehicles available to the public.  One of the great things about Ken Garff’s Ford is there special deals.   Although there are specific rules that apply to each deal, the deals are great to take advantage of if you qualify.

Are you an active member of the U.S Air Force, U.S Army, or Marines?  Have you retired from one of these branches or are currently deployed in one of these branches?  Well, with proof, you can get an additional $500 off most of the Ford vehicles available as appreciation and a thank you to the men and women who serve or served to protect our freedoms.  This deal is also available for school teachers, with proof that you are a certified teacher, you can also qualify for an additional $500 off new and used vehicles.  Even men and woman who belong to NAPO or IUPA also have this same offer available to them.  This great deal is for the people who serve the community diligently and with humility.

kenGarffBillboard02Buying a vehicle for the first time?  Ken Garff Ford makes the process less stressful with a $500 rebate and 0% financing off a new Ford vehicle with proof of income.

Deals like these and many more for college students and even people claiming bankruptcy are available at Ken Garff Ford to accommodate anyone’s budget.

With an investment into a Ken Garff Ford automobile, they will also make an investment in you and that is why Ken Garff Ford is one of the most respectable car dealerships in Utah.  They are truly all about helping the customer  in any way they can and it shows throughout the years they have been in business and it shows in their reputation as well.

Does Ken Garff Ford sound like a good fit for you?  Take a look at KG for more great deals!

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