(2013 New Releases Part 4) 2013 MINI Cooper Hardtop


The Italian Job.  If you have ever watched that movie the first thing that comes to mind is Mark Wahlberg, then Charlize Theron, then of course Mini Coopers!

If you haven’t seen the Italian Job yet I would definitely go watch it.  One of the most prominent factors of the movie itself is the Mini Cooper and it was the movie itself that actually made me fall in love with Mini Coopers.

There is no question that Mini Coopers are amazing cars.  They can take corners like no other and that alone is why I would buy a Mini IM000330.JPGCooper without hesitation.

Although one would think, “How many models or versions could you come out with of a Mini Cooper?”  The Mini Cooper designers have found a way to make another model of the Mini Cooper, the 2013 Mini Cooper Hardtop and in all seriousness who can be mad at them?  The people love themselves some Mini Coopers.

More than ever before, I see Mini Coopers about every fifteen minutes on the road and that isn’t an exaggeration.  I remember about ten even five years ago, there weren’t a lot of Mini Coopers out on the road but all of a sudden America has caught Mini Cooper fever and I see them all over the road which is a positive sign for the future of Mini Coopers.

Mini Coopers carry a wide range of variety in terms of body type as well as designs and structure, most likely the very reason why they are so popular right now.  Two features that I can give you that make the Mini Cooper so readily available to everyone is the fact that you can drive a Mini Cooper automatically or through stick shift as well as you have the option of a two door or four door mini cooper and although it doesn’t sound like that much of a big deal, it is.  Those two factors of the Mini Cooper alone are what gives the Mini Cooper an advantage over similarly constructed cars.  They cater to the majority of the people.

2012-Mini-Cooper-Hardtop-front-three-quarter-1024x640With Premium Pkg 2, 15″ alloy wheels, all-season tires, heated front seats, a multi-function steering wheel, space-saver spare, and Bluetooth capabilities, the Mini Cooper sets the template and example for other cars that are similar in make and construction.

Installed options like rear window defroster, ABS brakes, traction control,  remote key-less entry, radio data system and power steering keep the Mini Cooper a pace in front of their competition.

Metro Baltimore’s very own MINI dealer has the detailed standard equipment that also comes inside and outside the Mini Cooper with affordable prices starting at $22,000.

Out of everything I know about the automotive industry, one thing I know for sure is that you won’t regret purchasing a Mini Cooper!

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