(2013 New Releases Part 1) 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid

The new year has rung in and one thing that has not stopped or changed is the need for a good car.  I have realized that like Apple products, the newest model of cars are always in demand by the people.  And why not?  Who doesn’t want to be riding in the latest style down the road among the other cars on the road?  Well, I have good news that I have brought to you in a four-part mini series!  With the start of a new year, comes the entrance of new models of cars around car dealerships worldwide for us, the consumers or customers and I am excited to show you a few of the new 2013 model cars that are now available at car dealerships near you!


Introducing to you today the NEW 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid!  I’m actually extremely excited to introduce this particular car to you because it is a hybrid and now that hybrid cars are becoming even more popular in the automotive industry, it is important that they get the attention that they deserve in terms of how great they are when it comes to helping the planet and saving you money.

Now for those of you who are thinking, “What does the car being hybrid have to do with anything?”  Here’s why the fact that this car is hybrid is important to you.  Hybrid vehicles do not depend on just one source of energy, for example the most common source of energy, gas.  Hybrid vehicles work with two different sources of energy to power and move the vehicle from point A to point B.  Solar energy, rechargeable energy systems, coal, diesel fuel and wind are some of the other various sources of energy that can power a hybrid car, making it a more environment friendly vehicle as well as saving you money by not taking a trip to the gas station every week.

The 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid vehicle is a very stylish, edgy car that has a very appealing design that catches the eye, especially for a hybrid car.  If you were to glance at this car very quickly and look away, you would have never guessed that it was a hybrid car simply because of its design.  That is the genius of this car alone.  It looks just as fancy as a regular vehicle but saves you more money than a regular vehicle.   As many vehicles, the 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid comes in many colors including the Eco friendly color representative itself, green.  The transmission is an automatic and is a 5 mileage vehicle.

Starting out at  an affordable $29,795 brand new, features like active suspension, sun/moon roof, front and rear tire performance, automatic headlights, fog lamps, and power steering among other great features causes this hybrid car to be worth the price and definitely worth the purchase.

If you believe that this car is the car for you but need an extra incentive to make that step in purchasing,at the top Acura dealer of Metro Boston–Herb Connolly, they will let you test drive the car today!  They won’t hesitate to help you with financing as well if you decide that this car is perfect for you.

If you want a car that is planet friendly, uses less gas than the average car, and just looks plain awesome on the road then this is definitely the car for you!


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