The most expensive BMW car in the world is …

1991 BMW Nazca M12Well, you’ll have to wait a little bit for the answer to that question but before I let you in on the answer, a lot of the times we see cars on the road that are for the general public with brands like Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda and so on and so forth but none of us really get to see the fancier cars that are produced by these very companies because most of us do not live in a posh neighborhoods where everyone drives a $100,000 and above car.

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to live that lavishly yet but we can dream can’t we?  You know the saying, “You can look but 1991 BMW Nazca M12you can’t touch.”  Well, this is the case right now.  We can look all our hearts desire but we cannot touch.  So what is the most expensive car in the world that BMW has to offer?

The most expensive BMW car in the world is the 1991 BMW Nazca M12.  You may not know it by that name because the car also has two different versions of its name that are Italdesign Nazca C2 or Italdesign Nazca M12.  Although the concept of this sports car was made in 1991 and we are soon to enter into the year of 2013, the 1991 BMW Nazca M12 still holds its lead as the most expensive car of BMW.  

Home of Giorgetto Giugiaro, Italdesign was responsible for the design of this 1991 sports car.  Now the Northern DC areas very own BMW of Rockville may not have this very car but it may have the BMW car of your dreams.

1991 BMW Nazca M12I personally love the design of this car even in its uniqueness of design.  The sleep and slender body of the sports cars design itself really lends a hand to being an eye catcher.  If you were to see a car like this passing by you would honestly have no choice but to turn your head and watch it pass by because the design is that interesting.

Now I know you’re thinking how expensive exactly is this car?  Well, let’s just say, it’s expensive.  The car itself is worth $647,000 which is nowhere near the price for the most expensive car in the world but with the lowest price of a BMW car being $30,000 and less, $647,000 for a BMW car must make it a very special and unique car.1991 BMW Nazca M12

The 1991 BMW Nazca M12 is equipped with a Neuromotion FC6 engine that was designed by BMW.  The car can go up to 195 miles per hour and only three BMW Nazca M12’s were produced making it a very rare car and the main cause of the price behind it.


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