KIA Soul: “Hamster” Time

Before you begin to read the article, I would like you to look at this commercial that was done for the KIA Soul car when it first came out.  Check it out and see if you like it, which I believe you will.  All you have to do is click play!

So did you like it?  Of course you did.  It was clever to use a video game-robots plot to put the commercial together and it surely did its job of creating a stir about the car itself.  Who doesn’t like to see dancing robots and hamsters in a commercial? So with that said, what is the KIA Soul really like?  Well that’s what I am here to write to you about.

The KIA Soul for sure looks very catchy on the road as it drives by and I believe that due to the commercials I have been seeing them even more lately but what makes this car so popular and like-able?  Let’s find out!

Although the KIA Soul was designed in California, it was actually manufactured in South Korea and unveiled in the 2008 Paris Motor Show.  I personally think that although it was designed in California it has a very South Korean look and appeal to it.  The KIA Soul comes in various types of colors including red, green, yellow, white, black, cream, gray, orange and brown as well as other colors.  The KIA Soul is also customize-able so you can put any design you’d like on it as well.  The variety of colors available of the KIA Soul are wide in range and for that alone causes its success.

KIA Soul’s are compact cars which mean that they are small family cars that do exactly that, provide seating space for a small family.  These compact cars have a 5-door hatchback design which means that the back is shared between cargo and passenger seats.  There are many great features to the KIA Soul but I will just lay out the basic few for you.

At  JBA KIA of Western Baltimore, you will find a nice variety of KIA Souls if you are looking to purchase.  What are the benefits of purchasing such a car you ask?

Well, with the purchase of a KIA Soul you will be getting a six speaker stereo system, a USB port for iPod connection, Sirius Satellite Radio, and a CD player.  More features like Bluetooth connectivity are also available for an upgrade with the KIA Soul.  The car itself is customize-able as you can choose from a number of designs, themes, wheels, graphics, and indicators.

What I like about the KIA Soul is that from the car itself to the design, you can customize it to fit you and your personality and that is what most people are looking for when they are searching for cars.  In the US, the engine is an inline four cylinder gasoline engine although a diesel engine is available to KIA Souls in Europe.

The KIA Soul earned a five star rating for being one of the safest family cars in the United States.  From the KIA Soul’s launch in 2008 to 2012 there have been many different versions and models of the KIA Soul being made available to the public and as they become available, more of them are being spotted on the road.  A testament of truly how unique and acceptable these cars have been in society.


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