New 2013 Ford Interceptor

Ford-Police-Interceptor_rdax_646x396As technology continues to move further along the path of greatness, society follows right behind … but … I bet one department you weren’t expecting to make advancements in technology, are doing just that.  Yes, police officers have to continually keep up to date with strategies to catch law breakers but who would have thought that their cars would be leading the way?

Not much people really sit down and think about it but cop cars have been continuously increasing their mechanics and technology when it comes to the cars itself.  Cop cars are becoming even more fancy and extravagant looking as well as increasing of speed capability.

Some of you didn’t even know that the most common cop car in the USA is actually the Ford Crown Victoria.  And for those of you who did know, kudos to you!  For those who didn’t, now you know!

Ford has had the pleasure for years of making cars effective for police officers and Ford continues to push the boundaries in terms of cop cars.  But why Ford?  Out of all the car companies out there, why did Ford become the major player regarding cop cars?

Well that’s because Ford has built a reputation that is almost unbeatable.  Ford has become the second largest  U.S. based automaker,  the fifth largest in the world and ranked eighth overall U.S. based company in the Fortune 500 list.  That’s why the most common cop car is Ford.

Coming out in 2013 is the new Ford Interceptor cop car and I have the details for you!  I have never seen a cop car look so, well “fabulous.”  So be careful you fast and speedy drivers because we have a new boss of cop cars soon to be on the road and I don’t think you want to take the risk with these new babies out on the road.

The new police interceptor will be patrolling roadways all over the country.  As per usual, there will be sedans and utility trucks available to police officers on the road.  Find the 2013 Interceptor and more, at Charlotte’s Tindol Ford with all the features that we will be talking about below.


Let’s start off with the design and we can get down to the technical goods.

The 2013 cop cars will have lighting solutions, fleet key, exterior key locks, purpose-built interior and driver distraction solutions.  The cars now embody a very sleek and stylish exterior, resembling the body of a sports car but with bold accents that still make the statement of “police car.”

Some of the features are limited maintenance packages, heavy-duty front suspension, more powerful and efficient engines, better fuel economy, reverse sensing system, level III Ballistic door panels, side airbags, 75 MPH  Rear-crash tested and many more efficient features that will be packed into the 2013 Police Interceptor.

So don’t take the risk of speeding 70 mph in a 60 mph zone because one of these bad boys will catch up to you and serve you up a nice size meal of a ticket but if you follow the law of the land, you just may get to see one pass right by you and sigh a sigh of relief.


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