Social Networks at work.

Many people use social networks as a form of advertising and not only a form of advertising but even marketing.  Why not use these social networks to your advantage?  Many social networks are loaded with millions upon millions of people that are on every day searching through the various aspects of each individual social network and that is why it is a great form of communication as a business to a buyer or customer.

Just take a look at Arrigo Automotive Group of Palm Beach’s social networks at work.

Advertised right at the bottom of their website page for clear sight are their social networking sites that are accessed by just a click of the mouse pad.

Does it really help Arrigo?  Let’s take a look.

When clicking the link to Facebook of Arrigo (, customers are sent straight to their Facebook page where information again is stated about their company and customers are met with 906 likes which may turn into 907 because that’s exactly how advertising from the website to Facebook is meant to work.  Customers get a look at the services of Arrigo in a social network that they are comfortable with and most likely look at once a day.  It is that convenient and ultimately profitable.


Then there is Twitter which I have one but was never fond of tweeting what I was doing every second of the day, however, in a business aspect of Twitter it is most certainly perfect for announcing new ideas and new services or systems that the company may be adapting or bringing forth through their business.  It allows for customers to keep up-to-date which the company that they are purchasing from or about to purchase from.  Although Arrigo only has 308 followers (, they are following 226 other people and Twitter is like a snowball effect (more or less word of mouth) type of advertising which can take a company very far.


YouTube is one of my personal favorites.  I think it is a great way to get yourself or your business out there, especially if you know how to market and advertise your YouTube channel as well.  Arrigo’s YouTube channel ( only has 5 subscribers but over 12,000 views which is actually more than my very own channel right now.  Now don’t get confused because the subscriptions are low because the amount of views is really what matters.  A good viewing number shows that people are interested in what ever product or service that you are displaying on your channel.


Lastly, Arrigo advertises and markets themselves through blogging ( which I personally love to do as long as it is a great format.  Blogging allows for companies to put out mass information and pretty much like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube combined, give customers all the information they need about the services and products of the company.


Arrigo Automotive Group of Palm Beach uses all these four formats of social networking to keep in touch and relatable to their customers and potential customers which is always a step in the right direction to becoming a successful business.  Check out their services and see for yourself!

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