2007 Dodge Charger Sedan


Recently, I was given my first car (Toyota) and I love it.  Of course, there are a lot of major fixing that will be taking place but nevertheless it takes me from place A to place B.  But what about you?  Are you in need of a car that takes you from place A to place B and that can actually fit the budget and the style of car for a great price?  Well, I have a car for you!

2007 Dodge Charger Sedan.  For youths and young adults, a lot of them are looking for cars that are stylish, affordable, and the latest version.  Sometimes you can’t get all of that you want in a car for a price that is affordable for you but this car is a start.  Arrigo Automotive Group located in Ft. Pierce, one of their prime locations, has this very model car online.  But why this car you ask me?

Dodge charger’s are great cars to have, especially for youth and young adults.  The exterior of the model itself is very stylish and can be “pimped out” to be personalized to any style that you may have in mind.  The four door, five seater charger is great for youth and young adults who have friends and family that they may want to hang out with and take to certain places rather than the restriction of a two door, two seat car with extra room in the back.  Therefore with this car, you are not sacrificing space for style or style for space which is a great factor of the car itself.

The car itself comes with the basics of most cars like AM/FM radio, air conditioning, and CD player but also other cool features like remote key-less entry, speed control, and power wheels.  Although the speed control sounds silly, this is a vital feature of the car especially for the worry of parents that aren’t exactly comfortable with their teenagers being on the road with a car such as the Dodge Charger, there is the safety feature of speed control so that parents can have a little more peace of mind.

Now there is gas.  Important factor.  In a fuel economy city it will be around 21 mpg and in a fuel economy highway around 28 mpg which is great for a 6 cylinder vehicle.  The car itself takes regular unleaded fuel which is great because as the economy is unsure, this car for sure will run on the cheapest priced gas, which in the end will save you money.

Personally, I like the color white on this car but the car is available in other different colors like red.  The Dodge charger that is available in Arrigo is pre-owned, a great start for younger men and women and the price is great at $10,000.  Not a lot of money will come out of your pocket BUT you will purchase a great car.

If you think this car may be for you then head on over to Arrigo Automotive Group in Ft. Pierce, Florida and make an offer!


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