Secret Place

Secret Place

Esther S. Lewis

Sometimes I hear the Lord convict me of my time

I could picture him standing right there asking

“Did you give me all the time you really could today?”

So I ask you, “Do you give him the time he really deserves?”

We sometimes wake up in the morning with the “Hi, thank you for this day bless my family and my day in the name of Jesus, Amen.” mentality and all God wanted you to really say was, “Lord, what’s on your heart today?”

“Show me the souls you want me to witness to today”

We’re so caught up in our relationship with God that we forget that he has a relationship with us as well.

It’s called the Secret Place

And it’s in that secret place alone is where you not only encounter God but you hear what’s truly on his heart

The closet space that dramatically turns into the doorway to God’s heart where he invites YOU in

It is no longer time to settle for the fifteen minute prayer in the morning and the thirty at night

God wants to be in constant communication with you

In the secret place you get a glimpse of the majestic third Heavens

In the secret place your broken heart becomes whole

It’s in the secret place where your transformation takes place

It’s in the secret place where God is allowed to be the sculptor and make you into the masterpiece he called you to be

It’s in that secret place where we become more like him

It’s in that secret place where flesh cannot stand and the spirit is always welcomed

But most importantly, it’s in the secret place where you receive the revelation of God

In that secret place the word of God is tatted on your heart and God gets his wish to spend time with his precious creation

So from Creator to Creation:

Will you give God the time he deserves?

Yours Truly,



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