The Importance of a Father

The Importance of a Father

I always grew up, for the most part, with my dad being extremely present in my life till this day and I thank God for that because it saved me from a lot of trouble.  People do not realize the importance of a father in any child’s life.  Christian or non-Christian a father is always needed.

I know that there are mothers that would beg to differ and believe that they can do a good job without a man, which is true, but unknowingly a child is still affected in ways that you may not see when they do not have both parents present.

A mother’s job is to nurture her children in a loving way but I believe that a father’s job is to give children the attention they need until they go on and have their own families.

I witnessed a lot of young men and women who were troubled teens and continued to place themselves in compromising situations that called to question their personalities and the authenticity of their character as human beings.  Young men who use and abuse every pretty lady they see because they did not witness their own father treat their mother right or young ladies who seek the attention and sexual companionship of young men outside of marriage very well stems from the lack of attention that was needed by a father figure to guide them.

Even if there has been a dad physically there in the house daily does not mean that he has been a father to his children or given them the attention they need to grow up being confident in the person they are.

Fathers teach their children to be respectful to young women and older women, to be a gentleman, to show a young lady how a man should treat her in the right way and how her husband should treat her as well.  Sometimes people truly underestimate the power of a father.

If one’s father has passed away that is completely understandable.  That’s where your heavenly father comes in.  He is the best father that anyone could have or even ask for.  He loves unconditionally and no matter what he will always love you to life.

It’s time for the father’s to stand up and take their place in their children’s lives.  Show them how much you love them and how much you care.  Give them the attention they deserve.  Family comes before everything else after God and it is important to make sure that your children understand that as well.

Fathers you are just as important as mothers.


I say thank you to my dad for being the best dad that he could be to me.  I challenge everyone who reads this post, if your father is still present in your life, to thank him for his role in your life making you the person you are today.

Yours Truly,



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