Common and Drake Beef. What?

        Common and Drake Beef. What?

Common VS. Drake diss video:

So I am probably very late on this beef between Common and Drake.  Most believe that the beef started because of a love triangle involving Serena Williams, Drake and Common.  The fact that Serena got that much game in the first place boggles my mind.  I didn’t know she was such a pimp.  But anyways, this beef, to me, was very unnecessary and no competition.

Common and Drake are in two different categories of music.  One legendary(Common) and the other average rapper (Drake).  I know there are a lot of fans behind Drake but let’s be serious, they only like him because he is from the young generation of music and he is somewhat decent looking who happens to rap.  Common is an old school rapper and not only embodies soul, hip hop, rap but stands through the tales of time still rapping to this day.

So there really is no comparison here.

Common’s raps are intellectual and the truth.  They don’t only make common sense but they show his knowledge of the rap game and his own style and flair that no one can touch.

Drake just raps and sings to young women because that’s what makes his money.  Let’s be serious, there is no way you can compare a rapper like Common to Drake, it just doesn’t work.

I’ve listened to both Drake and Common’s diss and although Drake tried, the clear winner was Common.  There’s no competition when it comes to an old school rapper.  Class always wins.

Yours Truly,


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