Favorite TV Shows New and Old

Favorite TV Shows New and Old 

These TV shows are by far the best shows on TV or that have ever been on TV based upon my opinion alone.  No great amount of cursing or foul language.  They are clean and playful without being overly sexual or violent.  The TV shows on television these days are not great quality but there are still some good ones left.  I’m not going to number them because they’re all my favorite and how can you really choose one over the other?

So here are my pics and why:

I had  blogged about Leverage before and if you didn’t check that out yet here is the link: https://queenbeeesther.com/2012/09/19/leverage/


Leverage is one of those shows that you just get excited to see even if you have to watch the re-runs before the new episodes come out.    The show itself doesn’t have cursing or foul language, no overly sexual scenes although there are couples that form throughout the show.  The main foundation of the show is that they were bad guys who did wrong in society and made a turn for the better when they came together under the mastermind Nathan Ford played by Timothy Hutton.  They all then decided to use their bad for good and help people who were being wronged by big businesses and corporations.  The actors and actresses in this show really gel off-stage as much as they do on-stage.  It’s ultimately a great show to watch in one’s free time.


Matlock is one of the older TV shows that I genuinely like to watch.  It is a detective show that is not life any other that is on television right now.  Like Leverage, there is no cursing or heavy violence and sexuality.  It is a clean, nice show that anyone can sit down and watch.  Ben Matlock was played by the late Andy Griffith who died not too long ago.  He was a professed Christian who just seemed to be another adorable grandpa who had his own TV show.  Matlock’s wit, charm, and ability to outsmart the ones who thought they were the smartest always made this show interesting although it is a pretty old movie.  It’s sad that all good things in this Earth must come to an end but at least we have some comfort that Andy Griffith is truly in a better place.  Rest in Peace Andy Griffith.


Arguably, NCIS is to me one of the best current detective shows on television.  Although some of the main characters like Agent Katie and Director Shepard existed the show and new actors and actresses were put in their place like Director Leon and Agent Ziva, the show, for  me, became even better than before.  Although the focus of the show is on the cases that they have to deal with, it is equally focused on their personal lives as well which makes it the more interesting to watch their personal struggles.  Like the cast of Leverage, they all seems to gel really well in the show as if they have worked with each other for a long time.  I was almost addicted to this show at one because it is that good.  There is an NCIS-Miami with LL Cool J but it isn’t as good as NCIS.


Who does not like A Different World? Let’s be honest! Even if you haven’t seen an episode, when you will, you will fall in love with this show.  Most of the episodes can be found on YouTube, thank God!  This show was all about the campus life of students at Hillman College and was all fun and jokes.  It was supposed to be a spin-off show from the Cosby’s following Lisa Bonet to college but eventually she left the show to be a mother and the show blew up without her presence as Whitley Gilbert took her place as the starring role.  Probably the best decision they had made for the show.  The relationship between Whitley and Dwayne Wade became the main focus of the whole show and I have to admit that they didn’t end it as well as they could have but it was still a good TV show by far.

Check out where the cast are now:



I am highly disappointed that this show came to a sad end and didn’t have more seasons than it truly deserved.  To this day I am not sure why they weren’t approved for more seasons but I surely do miss this show.  It was clean cut and simple.  The four main characters that you see in the picture specialized in reading facial expressions to figure out whether clients in the cases that they worked on were guilty or not.  It brought a whole different field of psychology and science to the field of television and actually made it interesting.  The struggles of each of them individually were struggles we as everyday people could relate to but I guess it did not get enough support or viewers to blow up like it should have.


Oh man was this the show! Everyone should know about one of the main characters in the show who has blown up huge since this show, Queen Latifah.  Living single was exactly what it states, a show of four women who were all single and for the most part living together.  It followed them through their lives as single women trying to find themselves in life as career women and also finding their soul mates.  The show is literally fun to watch as they joke on each other and go through things a dysfunctional family would because technically they are a dysfunctional family in the show.  It’s an oldie goldie show but still a great show altogether.

Check out where they are at now:



Probably to this day one of the best teenage movies of all time besides Saved By the Bell of course  and Step by Step which will both be on this list.  Boy Meets Worlds was especially cool because you saw them grow up over time from starting school to high school to college.  The four main characters in the picture weren’t switched out at any time which kept the connection with the fans.  Everyone loved the relationship bud of Corey and Topanga throughout the years.  They had to go through the struggles of young love and young marriage but nevertheless they prevailed.  Really cute show.

Check out where the cast is now:



Although The Cosby Show was one of the most prominent black comedies, I think that Family Matters was one of the greatest black family comedies like The Cosby Show.  I grew up on Family Matters and no so much on The Cosby Show so this is a very biased opinion.  Everyone knows that Steve Urkel basically made the show what it is and the love triangle between Steve Urkel, his alter ego Stefan(who was fine if I might add), and Laura Winslow.  The show had some really great times and some nice seasons.  Sad that they don’t really talk about this show any more because it was a nice family show.

Check out where they are at now:



Like Boy Meets World and Step By Step, Saved by the Bell is one of my favorites! Mario Lopez came out as the most successful of the cast but he wasn’t the one who made the show what it is, he just helped.  Zack and Kelly’s ever growing, complicated relationship throughout the show was always interesting.  Screech was probably the most lovable character out of the whole cast as he always went after the ever fashionable Lisa who had no interest in him whatsoever.  The show followed them to their college days as well to the eventual marriage of Zack and Kelly.  The show ended on good terms and had some really great laughs and enjoyable moments in between.

Check them out now:



There’s not much that I can say about this show.  It is an oldie goldie but it is still interesting and lovable.  It is a show that watches one separate family of a single mom who has three children join together with a single dad who has his own three children juggle a family.  It isn’t easy but they find ways to get it done although there are bumpy rides along the way.  I just love this show, especially the relationship that grows between Rich and Dana. Great Show overall.

Where are they now?:



Who’s the Boss is similar to Step By Step except it focuses on a smaller family setting.  Tony Danza stars in this comedy family show when he becomes the house caretaker who falls in love with Angela the home owner.  Just like Step By Step there is really nothing that can be said about this show except that is was a great show and focused on the family.  No cursing, violence, and sexual scenes, just pure family comedy.

Where are they now?:



The Nanny is actually somewhat similar to Who’s the Boss in terms that the nanny, Nanny Fine became the caretaker of the family of a rich play writer Maxwell Sheffield and his children.  The children began to take very well to her although Sheffield himself was challenged by her presence.  His partner, Ms.Babcock, became jealous of Ms.Fine because she seemed to take the interest of Mr.Sheffield who she liked as well.  To make a long story short, Ms.Fine does end up with Mr. Sheffield and have a child, also ending the show off on a very good note.  The fun, whit. and charm of the whole cast really made the show a success and I loved every minute of the show.  I even know the theme song by heart.

Where are they now?:

Thanks for looking at my list of favorite TV shows.

Yours Truly,


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