Freemasonry! Where?

Freemasonry! Where?

Well a couple of days ago, I wrote a blog about the differences between the Illuminati and Freemasonry, pointing out that over 6 million people were indeed a part of Freemasonry.  Shocker right!?

Here’s the link for that blog if you missed it:

Well I have some more shocking news for you, well more for me than you but I thought I’d share the news.  If you don’t remember what the symbol of the Freemasons looked like, this is it.

To my surprise walking through a neighborhood, I won’t say which one, I was pointed out a plate to a car and told that the person is a Mason.  Well of course I didn’t want to believe that although I know they exist so I went and looked a little closer and there it was!  The same symbol you are looking at right now with the square and compass with the G in the middle was the same symbol that was staring me right back in the face.  No one just uses that for decoration without being involved in it.  I had officially spotted a Mason with my own two eyes.  I had no idea whether I was more shocked or in awe.  I never thought I’d see these symbols for myself so close up.  Literally, face to face.  So, for those who still don’t believe there are Masons in the world, I would just like to tell you that I’ve seen it with my own two eyes and they are certainly in neighborhoods like yours and mines.  *shudders*

Your’s Truly,


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