Division in the Church

Division in the Church 

Because of the election of 2012, the Church has seen a division that was there before become even bigger.  Tensions are high and people are easily being offended by the rightful choices that the church members are making.  One group is for Mitt Romney, others for President Barack Obama and some for neither.  However, it does not matter who everyone is voting for, the point of this is for the Church to address the division and move on.

It is truly sad that the election of a black man showed the true colors of the Church and the division that was always there but never physically seen until now.  Now that the division has come to light it is now our duty as people of God to make it right.  To see aside our differences in our political beliefs and make sure that we come together in agreement with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

If we don’t have unity among each other, the Church has nothing and will get nothing accomplished or done.

There is an obvious will and plan that God has for America and it is our job, our duty to seek out that will.

As for the offences and the judgement of one another based on beliefs and opinions, it’s time to put those childish ways aside and come together as one because the job that we the Church have to do is much greater than just voting, it’s saving souls.  How can we save souls when we ourselves are being hypocrites and there is a clear division being seen in the Church by others.

It’s time to spend that time in the secret place and seek God’s will for your life, your family’s life, and the vision for the church you attend.  As Trinidad and Tobago’s motto (where I was born) says, “Together we aspire, together we achieve.”  Nothing gets done in division.  Time to get it right, make it right and save souls.  Let man focus on politics, let our focus be on God.  That is how we move away from being hypocrites, move away from division, come together in unity, in oneness and learn to love each other so that we can love others that need it.  Saving souls, bringing them into the kingdom of God.  That’s our job, that’s our duty.  Never to cause division or sit and not fix it.  No longer can we be divided and think it’s going to work in this season and time where God’s word and the prophecies are quickly coming to past.  Stand up for righteousness and stand for unity.  Unity in the body of Christ.

Your’s Truly,



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