The Things We Learn From Children

The Things We Learn From Children

Children are the most precious things on the Earth by far,  They teach you things even in their youth that you would have never learned from anyone else because their innocence is no match for our machoism and ego.  God’s most precious gift to the world was his son Jesus and the most precious gift a couple could have after God and each other, are their kids.  Always helping them to enjoy life and see the joys that life has to offer even if it is few, far and in between.  So here is a couple of things I think children teach us without even knowing they do.

Telling The Truth

One time I tried a wig for a couple of weeks just to try a different hairstyle and one of the little girls at church whom I adore came right up to me when she saw me and said, “that isn’t your real hair” and literally tried to lift the hair up to see what was under.  She was about 6 at the time and I just laughed.  I thought it was so cute and funny because even though an adult would very well know that it is a wig but not ask the person in order to avoid being insensitive, this little girl came right out with it and it had actually made my day.  If everyone could be as honest as the innocence of little children then I believe the Earth would really be a better place.  Telling the truth may hurt a couple of feelings here and there but it is better to be honest than to lie.  Always.


If you are around children constantly or even little bits at a time you know for sure that you need the greatest amount of patience that you can muster up.  They say patience is a virtue and that is most definitely true when children cause you to bring that very virtue out.  Not everyone has that patience but when you’re placed around children you have no choice but to like patience.  You may not have had it before or ever in your life but you will certainly need it with children. However, it is a good thing because it really teaches you how to be patient and deal with certain circumstances that may not even involve children but adults themselves.  Situations that you may have blown up in before, you now go through with much more ease.


Boy do they teach us how to love.  When you approach children you have no choice but to approach them in love because that is the one fruit of the spirit that they would more quickly respond to than anything else.  They love the attention, the care, and the love they get from their parents as well as others and whether it is encouraging them, congratulating them on an accomplishment or even bringing correction we do all those things in love.  That in turn teaches us to love adults in that same way that if we are bringing correction to someone or encouraging someone we must do it in love.

How to approach God in innocence

Children have the closet unconditional love for God that God has for us.  Their purity and innocence allows them to love God not because they have to but because they want to.  They go to God believing that he can do anything for them that they ask because he is God and they love him so much and trust that he will.  That’s how we should be approaching God like the innocence of a child.

How to Smile

This one is self-explanatory.  You CANNOT not smile when a child looks at you.  You just can’t.  You would feel horrible and feel like you dampened their spirits if you didn’t smile back.  Seriously, when a child smiles at you, smile back.  It will make your day a great one.

How to see things in a different perspective

Sometimes when you’re arguing with your spouse and the child just so happens to be there, which is never a good idea to fight in front of your children, they may bring up a point that one of the adults weren’t necessarily thinking about.  For example, let’s just say you and your husband/wife are fighting and one of you says, “you just don’t listen”(mostly the women’s side of the argument) and the other says, “I would listen if you didn’t stop yelling at me” (mostly the men’s side of the argument), the child then barges in and says, “you both are yelling and not listening to each other” and that might change the whole perspective of the argument where you both calm down and stop trying to get your point across and deal with the situation at hand.  Gotta love those children!

How not to lie

Children most definitely know how to tell the truth but they also try to get away with lying as well.  It still amazes me to this day that they actually try to get away with lying because to me as a child I knew I wouldn’t get away with it but still tried and that’s what children do. They teach you how not to lie although you should not be lying in the first place.  They teach you that lying is too much work and should be avoided at all costs so that the consequences of telling the truth seem much sweeter than the consequences of lying.

Your’s Truly,


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