Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples.

Well today, I’m going to talk about how you yourself can be a Judas or even the people that are around you.

My first spoken word talked a little about Judas being chosen, if you want to check that out here is the link:


How people around you can be a Judas

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are people around us every day that are waiting for that chance to bring us down or kick us when we’re already down.  To kiss us on the check and then sell us out for thirty pieces of silver like Judas did.  Crazy right?  But it is true.  The point of why I am saying this is to be careful of who you have around you and who you place around you.  Some people come around you and somehow find their way into your life.  Others, you personally invited to be a part of your life but be careful of both.  Are those people constantly building you up, encouraging you in the toughest times?  Lifting your hand up like Aaron did Moses? Or are they happy when you’re down in the dumps and upset when you’re succeeding?  This is where your discernment kicks in and in these times you really need it.  Discern whether the people around you, even the very ones you love are there to support you or to tear you down.  It makes the greatest difference in the world to go through life with people who are always there supporting you than spending their time planning to break you down.  It’s time to let those people go.  To not let people break you down or kick you down and say goodbye to the haters.  But then there is a flip side to this same Judas spirit.

How you yourself can be a Judas

It’s great to expel the “haters” from your life but what are you doing for others that are in your life.  Are you building up others or are you tearing them down?  It’s about time that you looked within yourself and discovered the role that you play in other people’s lives because the one you play in theirs is just as important as the role they play in yours.  Ask yourself this question.  Are you being a Judas Iscariot? It’s a heavy question but sometimes you have to ask the touch questions in order to resolve the problems that come up in your life and some of them may very well stem from this problem alone.  Are you being the hater?  Well, I believe that the time is come to reevaluate your position in other lives.  Be the change that you want to see.  Encourage people to be their best, help people when they’re down and be happy for them when they’re up.  By that, the same will happen to you.

Your’s Truly,


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