Questioning Christianity?

Questioning Christianity?

I’m going to be answering some questions that some Christians and non-Christians may wonder or have a concern about and I hope that it is helpful.

Why become a Christian?

Well because quite plainly it’s awesome.  A lot of people produce Christianity unrealistically.  It isn’t a perfect religion and it doesn’t cause one to be joyous and happy all the time.  We have our ups and downs all the time but the fact that there will always be someone to pick us up and dust us off (God) is the huge difference among other religions.  The imperfection of our walk with Christ is what makes the difference.  God laughs with us, cries with us, dances with us, he just wants to be there.  We call ourselves Christians because we have a personal relationship with Christ and there is no way to describe the joy it is to serve such an amazing God.  There really isn’t.  So if you want to really know why people become Christians, I would recommend trying it yourself and you’ll understand fully why it’s a beautiful thing.

What are the misconceptions about the Christian life?

There are numerous misconceptions but the two that I would point out is the fact that we don’t live perfect lives as Christians and Christianity isn’t perfect.  A lot of people perceive us as that but it really isn’t a perfect lifestyle we have just a victorious one.  We face many trials and tribulations but at the end of the day we come out victorious and joyous.  Another misconception is our love.  People see it as being annoying or pursuing them when they don’t want to be pursued but it is just the fact that we want the best for everyone in this life and beyond that we try our best to witness and show the love of God before it is too late. We’re not pesky just persistent and a lot of people just don’t see it in that perspective.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a hard concept to swallow even for some Christians.  Forgiveness is forgiving someone for a wrong doing that they have done against us.  However it goes beyond that to forgiving yourself for the things you have done that may not have been pleasing to God or may have been wrong to do to others.  So there is a forgiveness of your own doing, you doing to others, others doing to you, and asking forgiveness of God.  Then forgiveness goes even further to tell you to forget what was done.   You know, the forgive and forget concept.  People can do the forgiving but not the forgetting because it’s difficult.  However, once God knows your heart, the whole process of forgiving and forgetting becomes much easier.

How do you know there is a God?

This has never been an easy answer because unless you encounter and experience God for yourself it’s hard to explain it to others.  Often people use the explanation of you can feel the wind and know it’s there is the same concept with God.  You just know that you know that God exists because he showed you personally in your own little way that he exists.  Everyone experiences God differently, he approaches each person with a uniqueness and individuality.  But, to make it a simple answer, you can feel him, his presence.  Like when you know someone is right behind you because you can feel their presence but you can’t see them is the way with God.

What about the hypocrites in the church?

People tend to think that Christians and humans and perfect forms of godliness.  We’re not, not even close.  As much as some like to put themselves above others we are not perfect, we are human just like everyone else.  Everyone has their journey that they have to go through in order to become more like Jesus and it really depends on where that person is personally in their relationship with Christ.  It is time for the church to be real and live life without being hypocritical but there are still baby Christians that are figuring out how to treat others.  A lot of people have been turned away from church by this very same problem and as Christian I apologize for the hypocrites.  I know that Christians mean well and the fact that Christianity is a process is what has to be taken into consideration when you meet up the hypocrites of the church.

How can a loving God send people to Hell?

Well let me just clarify this one point that Hell originally was created for Satan and the fallen angels that went with him not for humans.  After the fall of Adam and Eve, after their sin, is when humans became damned to Hell.  Jesus then died and paid the price of Hell for us to go to Heaven if we chose to live for him.  God is love and that won’t ever change but he is a jealous God as well.  He wants his creation to be his and his alone.  God doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell.  He gave humans the choice to live for him and be rewarded in the end or not to live for him and be rewarded as well in the end but not a very pleasant reward.  My point here is that we have a choice.  God is hoping that we as humans will make the right decision and live for him so that no one will go to Hell.  It’s a harsh concept to understand but at the end of the day God wants to see everyone go to Heaven because he loves everyone but it is ultimately your decision on whether that will happen.

Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven?

Absolutely.  Jesus paid the price of all of our sins on the cross and even went to Hell and back to save us from the damnation of Hell.  Therefore, by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart and professing him as Lord and Savior of your life, becomes the only way to Heaven because he made that ultimate sacrifice.

***If you have any more questions that you would like me to answer or anything you’ve been wondering don’t hesitate to comment the question!***

Yours Truly,


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