Way Out

Way Out

By: Esther S. Lewis

While you stood there and bashed his name

He’s weeping and crying tears

He loved you, he always did

He knows and he sees your pain

His tears are tears of joy though

He has a plan and a purpose for you, a plan set in stone

Not the stone that turned into bread

That’s the devils lie to keep you looking towards him

Instead of the true master

the true spiritual father

You’ve been looking for him he sees

And when you’re down and out

His roar is like a mighty lion

protecting his children

like a caring father

God is unlike any other

He sits on his throne

He’s King to your heavenly kingdom

He’s waiting for you to cry out to him

To shed that wall you’ve been so diligently building

Building to keep him away from you

He’s knocking

Get to him before your time is thru

He’ll use someone else who is willing

But you’re the one he’s calling to

Take his hand and follow him

Don’t give up now

That’s a silly plan

Make your way back to victory in his name

But your saying how Lord how

Just look to me and I’ll show you

Yours Truly,



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