Image Crisis

Image Crisis

Here is a YouTube video that I found that I thought was so thought provoking even though it is short.  It is to the point and sends a message.  The media decides what us women, young ladies, and girls are suppose to look like and it’s time we said no!

No, I won’t starve myself to be a size zero.

No, I won’t plaster my face with make-up to hide my insecurities instead of dealing with them straight on.

No, I won’t wear short skirts and skimpy outfits so that I get attention because I didn’t get the love I needed at home.


The commercials and ads all over the world are always going against the image of a person, especially young ladies.  Convincing them that  their body isn’t good enough so try this.  It’s time that this issue is acknowledged more than it is being right now.

There are so many young ladies dealing with anorexia and bulimia trying to be the image on television and the models on the runway to the point that they are willing to face death trying to be that girl.  It’s sad and it is an epidemic that has continuously been ignored.  We talk about it but not enough.  Being you and being healthy is the way to live life.

Don’t let them steal the joy of being you!

Check the video out here:

Yours Truly,



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