The Path Less Taken

The Path Less Taken

By: Esther S. Lewis

I’m caught up between what I want to be real and reality

A sip of one and it becomes a toxic enemy

See if I would have known that an illusion could appear so real

I wouldn’t be caught up in the transparent lies that are being fed to me

Someone please call 9-1-1 and tell them it’s an emergency

I think someone’s trying to poison the potential of our destiny

Cattle blindly walking to their own death

Blindly following the very blind who lead

A conformist does the same except silently

Leaders walk on a path among the few

A follower walks on a path labeled “cool”

But yet it’s that very coolness that freezer burns the identity given up for its abuse

And I for one refuse to be a drug abuser

Addicted to the over popularized drug called conformity

No, change is the only serious addiction I seek

No sniffs. no pills. no needles. needed, to complete this addiction I so fervently seek

A world changer not dictated by the rules and regulations strategically placed on me

Yes I refuse to be one of the spots on a Dalmatian that cannot differentiate themselves from each other

No matter how cute a Dalmatian puppy may be

Looks are deceiving I’m sure you’ve heard

But conformity wears the mask of Judas

Betrayal on hand underneath a cloak that whispers “try me”

See even Judas was chosen

So I am determined to stand out and stand up for change despite the repercussions and the fear drawn to me

To boldly say that I choose Jesus Culture over Pop Culture

Uniqueness over Bleakness

I choose to not only be above the influence, I choose to get over it and walk over it

To make it cry for all the women who see themselves as nothing more than an imitation of the mentally enslaved women in music videos fed false confidence as a three course meal

To make it cry for the men who fervently believe that calling a woman disrespectful terms is the real way to become a man

To make it cry for tainting values by dividing families for temporary happiness of 20% rather than 80

To make it cry for allowing money to reign supreme over morality

To make influence and conformity both stop themselves and say I want to live above the influence of my own self inflicting pain

I want to be a world changer in a world where change is a regularly talked about thing but the action towards it is the path less taken

Now you choose between what you want to be real and reality

Because the path less taken does not tolerate Conformity.

Your’s Truly,


***Checkout the live performance of this spoken word(my first performance) below and don’t forget to state your opinion in the poll underneath the video!***


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