The Love of a Christian for the Unsaved

The Love of a Christian for the Unsaved

A lot of people that are unsaved see Christians, for the most part, as annoying and crazy but I guess who can blame them because we are.  So crazy that we would go to the depths of the Earth, try every possible Godly strategy to tell them how much we love them and how much God loves them.  It is that alone, the need to tell them this day after day, that becomes the only reason we pursue the unsaved.

Yes, we are persistent because we know that after death there are only two places, Heaven and Hell, and because God gave us the heart that we have we don’t want to see anyone go to Hell.

Yes, we’re not perfect, we make mistakes just as much as the next person but our passion to see the unsaved come to Christ and not go to Hell for eternity is the only reason that we are so persistent.  I mean isn’t that not a good reason to knock on your door and wake you up from your precious sleep in an attempt to save your soul so God forbid the next couple minutes you happen to pass away, you are already saved and you go to Heaven?  Doesn’t that sound like a winning situation?

The unsaved in this world really don’t understand the love we have for them.  They just see us as hypocrites who see everyone else as under them and have an invisible God that rules their life.  They see more hypocrisy than love and that has to change.

We, as Christians, just want to see the unsaved come to Christ, that’s all.  I promise if you do, that we won’t ever bother you again!

It’s our heart’s desire to see no one go to Hell and who can blame us?  The visions and the descriptions of Hell are not exactly flowers and butterflies.  The people who have died and gone to hell themselves have seen Hell with their own two eyes and some even said it was a place they wouldn’t want their worst enemy to go to.

Now think about that for a second … Hell is so terrible that someone would not even want their worst enemy to go there … so why should we want the unsaved to?

If you don’t believe me check out this video on someone who went to Hell and came back:

And if you’re not too convinced that Heaven is real either check out this video:

There are many accounts and videos of people who have died and went to Heaven and Hell and declare from the bottom of their hearts that both places are as real as the Earth we live in.

So when you see a Christian approach you and attempt to convince you about God’s love it’s only because we love you as well.  We wouldn’t want our worst enemy, even the most despicable person to have lived to go there because it is that terrible.  We want to look out for your eternity and where you may be spending it.

You cannot fathom the love we have for the unsaved and I hope that more people get to realize that like a mother who looks after her children, we are looking after the people on earth to make sure that when they die, should they die, Heaven will be their eternity and not Hell.

Your’s Truly,



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