For Humanity’s Sake

For Humanity’s Sake

By: Esther S. Lewis

You didn’t want to wake up to face reality,

Because the clarity…sincerity is no longer a part of humanity.

Economically-We’ve hit a road bump,

Politically- We’ve pressed the brakes for minor humps,

Socially- Well. We never were that great at beating out the lumps…

Lumps of trust and faith that make humans quest,

Quest for something else to fill

The whole in their hearts.

What hole in our hearts?

The one right there tearing us apart.

That makes one shed a million tears,

That can be seen miles away…One’s fears.

Like a predator searching for their prey,

Let’s hope the prey is as cunning as it appears.

Because what’s left for humanity?

Heck. It truly beats me!

Nationalistic virtues?

It’s just peoples faces buried in tissues.

Waiting for this world to become a better place,

Yet complaining every step of the way?

What happened to that National pride?

The one where our forefathers died?


The ones they fought wars for?

The ones they slaught lives for?

Haha…Doesn’t seem too nice though!

Yet the world still spins on its axis though,

The sun still sets in the morning though,

and goes away when we lay our heads to that pillow!

So why you still lying in bed for?

Complaining about that hole in your heart yo?

Come on let’s get things right though,

and nip the struggle for humanity’s rights in the bud so,

what’s right can become the mantle.

Look inside yourself and take the speck out,

It’ll brighten up your day out.

And don’t forget to say your prayers for the next guy!

Who’s scarred to death because his wife’s too sick to try.

And take a knee for yourself too!

And take an oath that your heart will never bow to,

Any other idol that you know you’ve been attached to.

Miraculously…Your heart is filled to,

the capacity and understanding of love and truth.

A side of you that was under lock and key,

finally you are found bound and free.

But let’s do one more thing for the greater good,

thanking God for the day and night like you should.

It’s only appropriate to give our dues,

to the one we call Master…Yea He’s pretty cool!

He’ll never leave you nor forsake you so come take a look.

And when you find him in your darkest hour,

He’ll mend you together like kneaded flour.

No need for water, salt, or butter,

just the Master’s hand and maybe a half an hour.

He’s God! He has you in the palm of his hands.

Let’s not quarrel with the Master’s plans!

…As for humanity?

Deep down inside they know it’s true,

there’s only one God and he’s residing in me and you.

There will come a time when you’ll have to search too,

And hopefully in time you will find him too.

In time to be in paradise praising the King,

forever to reign and ALWAYS the same.

The author and the finisher of our faith,

and for humanity’s sake?

I take a knee and pray it stays that way.

Your’s Truly,



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