OMG! I Just Met Jesus Christ!

OMG! I Just Met Jesus Christ!

Sometimes I want to be that girl in the picture on that one social media program like Facebook or Twitter that gets to meet the famous celebrity so I can post it on all of them and show everyone something I’ve done or someone I’ve met that they haven’t.

I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to walking down you neighborhood street and meet Beyonce by the corner store or Angelina Jolie the next block down.

Why can’t that be me?

Then you start to feel sorry for yourself like your life doesn’t mean anything because you’ve never met anyone famous in your present lifetime.  The comes the conviction.  Don’t you hate those sometimes?

Let me tell you that convictions, for the most part, are not fun.  This was the conviction: What is truly your focus?

Yes, it’s certainly nice to meet up with someone famous, a great experience of life but why not be content that maybe you may not ever meet a celebrity either?  Are they that important to you?

Are their morals, their values, their actions something that you can look up to enough to be excited to even meet them?

I know I’m sounding like a hater right now but it was just a thought!

But then I started to feel bad, as if my focus in life was off the whole time.  And then I got to thinking! Who is the most famous person in the world?

A little chuckle here and there when I realized that it was and is Jesus.

Well, is it not?  I mean, a man that walked on water, healed the blind, sick, raised people from the dead and he himself rose from the dead.  What greater celebrity can there be than that right!?

Heck, I speak to him daily.  I even see him daily through the ocean roaring and the leaves of the tree blowing in the wind.  The little baby ducklings that follow right behind their mommy Duck, the flowers that blossom in the spring, and the lightning and thunder that roar in rainy seasons.

What more of a celebrity meeting can you want than that?

Not that you could take a picture with Jesus, at the moment, the ultimate celebrity lives within my heart and what more could satisfy?

Sometimes as Christians we lose focus on our purpose on this Earth and get caught up in the illusion of glamour and glitz portrayed by Hollywood.

Side thought: Don’t ever be discouraged by the journey’s other people get to take because that is their journey for their particular destiny they need to fulfill in life.  Your journey is different but just as beautiful and just as special.

Yours Truly,



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