Illuminati V. Freemasonry

Illuminati V. Freemasonry

There’s been a lot of talk for the past couple of years about a very dangerous topic concerning music, musicians, artists, and even politicians.  Like me, some just believed that the music videos and artists like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West were just upping the ante and being crazy creative to take music to another level.

Then some people started questioning the artistry that these artists began to do through their songs and even the music videos themselves.  Suddenly objects and sayings within the music videos were not “cute” but creepy and subliminal messages began to surface from these very same music videos that we didn’t think to notice before.

Are these artists really involved in what is known as a secret society called the Illuminati?

Are politicians and public figures high up really involved in Freemasonry?

Or all these rumors and claims just plain false?

Well, first let’s make clear the difference between the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati is not just one group like many think but are various different groups.  For example, the picture above is of the Bavarian Illuminati founder named Adam Weishaupt.  This secret society was founded in the 1776, coincidentally, a couple days before the Declaration of Independence was written, passed, and ratified and the same year that the American Revolution was fought.  The secret society’s main purpose was to control global events through events and create a New World Order through infiltrating the government and other corporations as well as industries, like Hollywood.


The Freemasonry is not to be mistaken with the Illuminati but have similar plans and ideas of world order.  The picture above shows the masonic square and compass.  The Freemasonry is not a group like the Illuminati but actually originated of a fraternal organization between the 16th and 17th century before the American Revolution and the ratification of the Declaration of Independence, although keep in mind that it was formed during the formation of the country.  Similarly, like the Illuminati, they have various groups around the world with over six million members.  Masons conduct their meetings in a ritualistic way and meet in buildings sometimes referred to as temples.

Requirements to join the Illuminati as said by the founder:

“Whoever does not close his ear to the lamentations of the miserable, nor his heart to gentle pity; whoever is the friend and brother of the unfortunate; whoever has a heart capable of love and friendship; whoever is steadfast in adversity, unwearied in the carrying out of whatever has been once engaged in, undaunted in the overcoming of difficulties; whoever does not mock and despise the weak; whose soul is susceptible of conceiving great designs…”

Requirements to join Freemasonry:

Be a man who comes of his own free will

Believe in a Supreme Being (the form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate)

Be at least the minimum age (from 18–25 years old depending on the jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions the son of a Mason, known as a “Lewis,” may join at an earlier age than others)

Be of good morals, and of good reputation

Be of sound mind and body (lodges had in the past denied membership to a man because of a physical disability; however, now, if a potential candidate says a disability will not cause problems, it will not be held against him)

Be free-born (or “born free”, i.e., not born a slave or bondsman). As with the previous, this is entirely an historical holdover, and can be interpreted in the same manner as it is in the context of being entitled to write a will. Some jurisdictions have removed this requirement

Be capable of furnishing character references, as well as one or two references from current Masons, depending on jurisdiction.

Now that we have cleared up the main differences between the Illuminati and Freemasonry, we can safely say that despite the rumors surfacing all over that these two secret societies do exist and are not just rumors but fact.

Could it possibly be that the very musicians, artists, and politicians that we love and cherish for the entertainment that they bring daily could be a part of one of these two societies?  Very possible and not only very possible but very likely!  When you think about it, Freemasonry alone has over six million members by themselves and maybe even more.  I know that I’m not in it, you know that you’re not in it either, so who is?  When it comes down to it, wouldn’t it make more sense that the people who make the most money and have the most influence and finances like politicians, artists, and musicians would be behind and involved in societies that would be under their control and their rule in order to have a “New World Order.”  But then again humans never question anything unless there is proof right?

Let’s start with the Illuminati.  The list of famous people said to be involved in the Illuminati are mostly in the music industry.  Take Kanye West for example who just came out with a group of people that he thought were the best rappers and singers to make an album, now known as G.O.O.D Music.  The purpose of this album is to create a New World Order through music.  The same new world order that is the drive of the Illuminati.

Now in the Freemasonry, there is controversy on whether members of the Illuminati can be members of Freemasonry but I believe they can be a part of both.  The major players involved in Freemasonry however are said to come from politicians that the very public love, like former president Bill Clinton and even President Barack Obama himself.  Members that are able to infiltrate government because of their status and years of experience politically.

However, both of them in society have been marked as cults and a potential threat to society if they were ever so easily planning to infiltrate the government and create this new world order.

Here are just some of the major YouTube videos showing people that are claimed to be in the Illuminati and Freemasonry with pictures and videos supporting that concept:

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***These are just some of the videos that can be found on YouTube about the Illuminati and Freemasonry members, signs, and subliminal messages that are given off through the music videos and everyday life of these celebrities.  It is ultimately up to you what you believe, but don’t think for one second that these societies do not exist and that some of the key players and members are the very ones that you have posters up on your wall and listen to their music on a day to day basis.***

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