Can I get a Mr. Mitt Romney or a President Barack Obama?

Can I get a Mr. Mitt Romney or a President Barack Obama?

There are two left standing in the battle and fight for the presidency.  President Barack Obama who is almost done serving his first term and Mitt Romney nominated for the Republican party as their best candidate to go against President Barack Obama.

As we all know, elections are here again and that difficult decision has to be made once again about who is most definitely fit to be president of the United States, a job that we all know is more difficult and less glamorous than most thought it was.

As a Christian, I can agree with most that the decision could not get any harder than this.  Our decision has come down to a professing Christian who has a Muslim background and controversy around that alone and a professing Mormon (enough said).

Now I won’t tell you who to vote for because that would just be wrong, nor do I have the right to but while I’m at it let’s just put out the controversy behind both men so maybe at the end of the day, the decision for many, especially Christians, could be a little easier.

Mitt Romeny

    Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician, known for his role as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard University.  He is currently married to Ann Romney and they have five children.  His flip flopping style during the process of this whole election has been the main attack of his competition.  Not only do I not know Mitt Romney’s values on any issue concerning the American public, I have no idea what he stands for except for his beliefs that derive from his religion of Mormonism.  Let’s take a look at this video that was made by Ron Paul supporters during the election process to showcase Mitt Romney’s flip flopping talents.

His flip flopping style was not the only issue for voters, then came his religion.  As everyone, who is voting at least, should know by now that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  Some believe Mormon  is just another religion that will have no effect on his ability to be president and some again believe that Mormonism is a cult that should not be allowed into the White House.  Despite the many opinions on whether his religion will affect the way he governs the United States, no one has really asked this question: What do Mormons believe?  Seems like a petty question, but the belief of a man does alter and shape the decisions that one makes.  For me being a Christian does affect my decisions drastically.  So with that said, I am going to provide this  link that provides information on what the Mormons believe from an ex-Mormon herself.  Please read carefully and don’t take any of the information lightly.

There are many more things that could be talked about that question Mitt Romney’s character like the incident about leaving his dog on the roof of the car, causing the dog to eventually go on himself.  Seems a tad heartless but this video, for me, says it perfectly.  Check it out!  It’s pretty funny!

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama became the first African American president, making history with that alone.  Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States and also attended  and graduated from Harvard University.  He is married to Michelle Obama and has two children.  The main controversy behind President Barack Obama was his birth certificate and the debate on whether or not he is a Muslim.  Now, believe it or not, he was born in Hawaii and even had the birth certificate online for a while to prove that he was an American Born citizen despite Donald Trump’s broken record about the issue.  He has stated that he is a Christian but the things that he has said and done regarding Muslims have caused others to see him in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and even cause them to think he is a Muslim himself.  Take a look at this video and think for yourself.

Then there comes the major controversy that could be a deciding factor in this election.  Although President Barack Obama is not the type who seems to flip flop every now and then, his push for National Health Care (known as Obamacare) became a major issue among many and also divided America in whether they were in favor of it or not.  Is it really the government’s job to tell the public that they have to have healthcare for everyone and whoever does not take it will be penalized in the form of a tax?  For many the passing of the National Health Care Act turned many away from the possibility that they would elect President Obama for another term as president.    Will it be your deciding factor in whether you choose President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?  Well, think on that, but in the mean time watch this video on the Obama Budget Plan.

Now ultimately, the decision of who to vote for is up to you.  But for the Christians, the need to pray has become more than urgent.  Don’t let anyone make the decision for you.  As a citizen it is one’s job to do the research on both candidates thoroughly and make the best decision for you.  More importantly, don’t forget to go out and vote! God Bless America and Bless God, America.

Yours Truly,


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